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Company Profile

Shenzhen JMD Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of post-printing bookbinding equipment. Over the past 16 years, based on the corporate spirit of “pursuing excellence and perseverance”, we have been targeting at the international first-class post-printing bookbinding technologies, being devoted to creation and production by adopting scientific development concepts and strict modern management tools. We have been introducing high-end post-printing binding equipment that can fully embody automation, humanization, high efficiency, environmental protection, and other features that highlight the characteristics of modern technologies and high cost effectiveness, to meet the needs of customers at home and abroad. Currently, our products have already covered four series: perfect binding, saddle stitching, sewing binding, and paper folding machines.。


At the end of the 20th century, JMD took the lead in China in developing the three-bookend and four- bookend oval book covering machines, which have become the main model of perfect binding machines for domestic SMEs. In the 21st century, to meet the needs of the development of the domestic high-end market, JMD developed the high-efficiency and high-intelligence automatic adhesive binding flow lines SUPERBINDER-6000 and CHALLENGER-4000, and then introduced the automatic book sewing machine DIAMOND-110 that broke the foreign monopoly and filled the domestic gap, as well as the PEARLS-8000 Saddle Stitching Binding flow line that represents the international advanced level, which were highly recognized by peers and experts in the printing industry at home and abroad. Today, JMD has become a new leader in the fields of perfect binding and book sewing in China.   


Based on the spirit of “social commitment and honesty first”, the company has established a set of aftersales service guarantee system with unique characteristics, which are well received by users. A group of carefully selected and well-trained technical service support personnel are stationed at our offices in different cities and provinces across the country, providing local users with standard installation, commissioning, maintenance and operation training.


At the same time, JMD has also sounded the clarion of entering the international market. Through and serious researches and extensive contacts with foreign specialists, agents and users, the company has developed a number of new models with independent intellectual property rights and are in line with international standards and meet market demands. At the printing machinery fairs held in Drupa in Germany in 2004, Birmingham, England in 2006, Chicago in the U.S in 2007, and Drupa in Germany in 2008, JMD products attracted the attention of people around the world. So far, users from more than 50 countries and regions worldwide are using JMD products, and the popularity of JMD brand has also been increased rapidly.


Every year, JMD receives dozens groups of agents and users from all over the world. They were impressed by a dynamic team with advanced management, a rigorous work attitude, and elaborate production. The world's top-class binding machine manufacturers also frequently visit the company, and discuss multi-level cooperation with us. The promising prospect of JMD has also attracted foreign senior technical personnel in the post printing field to join the company. A team led by foreign engineers greatly reinforced the strength of JMD.



JMD has condensed their spirit of “pursuing excellence and perseverance” and “social commitment and honesty first” into their core competitiveness for winning victories. In as short as fifteen years, it has successfully created a business model that has grown from a small-sized company to a large enterprise, and expanded from the domestic to the international market. With their forward-looking development concept, solid expertise, and unique mode of management, JMD is marching towards the set target, and entering the world market step by step, relying on their patience and strong will. It is our due mission to build JMD into a world-renowned national brand.