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JMD Open Day Ended in Success!

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The JMD Open day Event successfully came to an end on the 6th of March 2014 shortly after the South China Print 2014 exhibition.

    The JMD Open day Event successfully came to an end on the 6th of March 2014 shortly after the South China Print 2014 exhibition. The Open Day participants ranging from JMD’s long-time clients, industry peers and media associates to potential clients from China and Abroad actively engaged in the programs and agenda offered by JMD.



Flexible Post-Press Solution on Display

The Cambridge-12000 and Digital Robot 2000C JMD had grandly exhibited on the China Print 2013 was again presented to the visitors for a zero-distance discovery in a real work-shop environment of JMD.


1.Digital Post-press Solutions

With digital printing being a buzz globally, printing enterprises and press machinery manufactures successively ventured into the digital domain. JMD machinery is of no exception and consistently keeping up with the fast-changing trends of the printing industry. It could be witnessed by the application of our digital post-press technologies in Phoenix Publishing& Media Inc and Hucais Printing Group. 


 JMD, on the spot, displayed the Digital Robot 2000A which is a digital post-press solution for print-on-demand order of more than 200 books per order and is capable of in-line operation with HP and Kodak digital press for automatic digital book production from web-feeding to finished book output,


2.Conventional Post-press Solutions

It is hard to predict when digital printing will replace offset printing but it is more practical for the industry to focus on how to make offset printing more flexible and adaptable for the fast-changing demands.


Other solutions on display were the Superbinder-8000/Challenger-5000 perfect binding line, Diamond-110 Sewing Machine, Rose-12000/Pearls-8000 saddle stitching line. The Rose-12000 was a jointly developed solution by German and Chinese engineers with a maximum speed of 12000 books per hour, maximum book block size of 460x300 mm, short make-ready time as well as accurate adjustment. It is one of the most advanced saddle stitching lines by Chinese Manufacturers.


3.Forward-thinking Post-press Mentality

Mr. He Yong, Vice General Manager of JMD, delivered a presentation on the future path of post-press and invited guests to join the discussion for a better understanding of JMD and the post-press industry. Proposed by Mr. He in the presentation was the “Flexible Post-Press” which denotes that publisher need to change more swiftly in regard to changing demands while maintaining break-even.


In the mean time, Mr. He, in person, illustrated the characteristics of JMD solutions giving the audience more insight into JMD’s new solutions, new technologies and new directions and helping them find the right weapon for a better post-press finish.


4.JMD Client Factory Tour To witness the true performance of JMD solutions

The well-arranged tour to JMD’s existing clients’ factories offers a good chance for the participants to witness the actual capacity of JMD solutions in person. In Hucais Printing Group, the Digital Robot 2000 C in its production mode exhibited its production capacity to the participants. In the workshop of Chinese & Commerce Joint Printing (Guangdong) the participants saw the Cambridge-12000 and Superbinder-8000 and were amazed by the production speed and quality.


The JMD Open Day ended in a success but the pursuit of a better post-press process is endless. On the way to this pursuit, JMD will always be there with our friends.

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