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He Yong: “The Veteran” Of Press Equipment Industry of China

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Mr. He Yong: “The new chapter is not to separate the post-press technology by digital or traditional (or conventional) but by looking at post-press with a panoramic view of the production chain, any press process regardless of being digital or screen printing can be connected to the very post-press equipment in an one-stop solution.”

The year of 2014 has arrived and the printing machinery industry is at a significant turning point of its upgrading stage. The come-and-go of some professional managers in the industry from a different angle also illustrates the direction of the industry upgrading that is underway. As they undergo changes of roles in the industry, their new choices will lead the way and embody new inspiration for the industry.


Mr. He Yong is a well-renowned professional manager in the printing machinery industry and it has been 10 years since he came back to China from his overseas study in Germany. Upon his coming back was that he introduced the century-old page folder manufacturer-MBO into China and MBO has since then expanded their business and became the term for high end post-press page folder in the middle kingdom. Mr. He Yong was one of the key figures contributing to the business success of MBO in China. However, with a strong passion for promoting Chinese Printing machinery industry, Mr. He Yong left MBO and joined the Chengdu Xing Graphics as the Vice general manager. “I would like to contribute my resources accumulated over the years to developing Chinese enterprises.” quoted from Mr. He Yong.


At the end of 2013, Mr. He made a high-profile appearance in the gala of the printing industry-Beijing International Printing Information Trade Show, this time, as the vice president of JMD Machinery Corporation in charge of Marketing and Sales. He returned to the post-press industry with his goal of taking JMD to a higher level after two years in the consumable domain.


Over the past ten years, Mr. He Yong has become an experienced industry practitioner who is well versed in technical expertise, enterprise management and marketing. The past ten years are also a period of time for the post-press industry to undergo unprecedented change. Mr. He Yong attended our interview and in this interview we will share his story of the post-press industry and how he perceives the outlook of the industry in 2014;


“Join JMD with my ambition”-To start a new chapter of the digital Post-Press!


Unavoidably, Mr. He Yong was interviewed on his feeling of Joining JMD, “Returning to the Post-Press industry at this moment, I feel more confident than ever.”


Post-press is of great significance in the printing process. Ten years ago, manual operation was more than common in the bindery industry. However, as the labor cost has risen and worker recruitment proves increasingly difficult, the bindery industry is keenly having their eyes on the automation upgrading of the post-press industry.


With this industry trend going on, the digital post-press is gradually taking place. As interpreted by Mr. He Yong, “The new chapter is not to separate the post-press technology by digital or traditional (or conventional) but by looking at post-press with a panoramic view of the production chain, any press process regardless of being digital or screen printing can be connected to the very post-press equipment in an one-stop solution. The correspondent interpreted Mr. He’ proposition as being, “In the past, digital press was always perceived as a novel technology innovation while the new digital post-press will truly serve the demand of the printing enterprises. It seeks to maximally satisfy the customers’ need for being fast. Hopefully, the upstream equipment manufacturer can be influenced by the new definition of digital post-press and hence digital post-press technology can be promoted to a wider market acceptance.


“Post-press Equipment manufacturers must first realize what they can do or in other terms their ‘core competence’ and inform the clients of what best solves their problems. Only in this way, can they become specialized in their field thereby offering better product and service solutions for their clients”


“We are catching up in this mountain race!”-Striving to Lead the way conceptually! Innovatively! And technologically!

As a professional manager of post-press manufacturing enterprise, Mr. He first worked in MBO of Germany and later joined JMD Machinery Corporation of China. Admittedly, gaps exist between China and Germany in terms of manufacturing capability and Technological R&D as a result of different historic development path of the two countries’ industrial sectors. So how does Mr. He perceive the gaps? How will the gaps change in 2014? As to these questions, the Answer given by Mr. He is “Face the Reality, Stay Confident, and improve as we move forward with a cool mind!”


“German equipments are first-class in the world as a result of the time-tested enterprise development, strong industrial base and national policy support as well as the international business environment.” Notwithstanding, no advantage can stay forever absolute so we should also look at our relative advantages. “With the changing economic cycles and increasingly more importance being given on the input and output ratio of equipments, Chinese-made presses and post-press equipments are exhibiting more potential power on better serving client needs.” “The development of enterprise and technology should keep up with that of the society. In times of booming business, whoever reacts swiftly can win out in the business but in times of looming or slowing business, whoever can sustain advantageous growth can be the winner of the game.”  


JMD Machinery, for example, a company in its growing stage with its goal to narrow the gap with internationally renowned post-press manufacturers. Quoting from Mr He:” We are overtaking some international players in terms of design concepts! At this moment, we have cooperation with Kodak, HP, RICHO, Cannon and OCE in many forms and we have served clients from both China and abroad.”


“Integration and Sustainability are the words of year for 2014”-Integration for the post-press IndustrySustainability for the Consumable Industry

When it comes to the changes of the press equipment industry, Mr He humorously responded: “Enterprises without any unique selling proposition and a firm foundation will become obsolete and face the finality of closing down. However, the integration of the press equipment industry and the consumable industry going green will be the mainstream trend from now on”


Mr. He believes small scale offset press manufacturers will be significantly challenged and impacted by digital and co-publish.

“The combined application of Quick Press and Screen Printing are enabling the co-publish enterprises to generate adequate cash-flow by charging a premium from a smaller order amount. Hence, Have they , the small scale offset press manufacturers, not considered upgrading their business model ,their market share will be further taken up by the increasingly popular large format offset press and hybrid press in 2014.” quoted from Mr. He.


As a professional manager, Mr. He emphasizes more on the elevation of the enterprise management. According to him, as the Chinese economy slows down, mismanagement in the form of failing to evaluate the market and credit risks in transactions especially by the sales personnel may lead to unacceptable amount of account receivables and bad debts.


In the consumable industry, Mr. He thinks the price war will continue with eco-friendliness and sustainability being the key indicators of potential success in the competition.


In the post-press equipment industry, the price war is unavoidable. “After all, the prices war is a result of excess capacity of the Industry and the end result is forcing unprepared enterprises out of the market.

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