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Perfect binding series


High-efficient Solution for Books and Brochures Production


Exquisite paperbacks, journals, business reports and other printed materials based on the perfect binding technology has become an important role in our work and life. However, the demographic dividend in the printing industry has disappeared; printing companies are increasingly putting emphasis on the automation and productivity of their machines. In addition, customers’ requirement for product quality is constantly increasing. Therefore, efficiency and quality has become the great concern of every entrepreneur in the printing industry.


In such a backdrop, based on customer needs, JMD has developed a series of adhesive binding solutions that integrate efficiency and high quality, by relying on a strong R & D team and the integration of top-class technologies. Despite of the demanding requirements of customers, JMD’s adhesive binding solution can still ensure that you will achieve impeccable binding quality and efficient and stable production. After realizing the lean post-printing solutions, you will be able to enjoy the competitive advantage brought by the strong productivity!