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Digital post-printing series


Meeting the  Needs for  Personalized and On-demand Printing


With the economic and social development of our country, commercial activities are increasing day by day. People's living standards and consumption levels are constantly improved. Thus, personalized digital printing service is becoming a new trend that can achieve the features that traditional printing is incapable of. Only digital printing can meet the needs for small-quality, large-verity, fast-speed and personalized printing.


Based on the traditional publishing industry, digital printing and network platforms have created the publishing method of “issuing before printing”. Customers select the books that they need, and the manufacturer will conduct printing and binding via the network database, to achieve click-and-print, which can greatly reduces the costs and risks of issuing and publishing.


Nowadays, a large number of digital printing equipment manufacturers have emerged, while the digital post-printing is still relatively incompetent. In this context, JMD has invested a strong R & D force to develop a range of digital post printing products, to butt the front-end printing, and thereby realize the click-and-print way of book printing.