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  • 商品名称: Superbinder-8000

The fully integrated perfect binding solution Superbinder-8000 binding system offers an extraordinary level of productivity and efficiency. Using a 21-clamp perfect binder and a gatherer with speed up to 8000 books per hour, Superbinder features high performance, quality consistency and system automation for major setups.


 High performance and efficiency
 Short make-ready and changeover time
 Servo motor controls for easy operation

Installation Space






Swivel Touch-screen Color Control Panel

The large swivel touch screen enables fast and easy make-ready and programming .Opening width of the book clamp and height of the spine preparation stations can be automatically adjusted by inputting the right data.




Inclined Infeed

Gathered signatures are transported from the gatherer and inserted into the clamp from the bottom. The leveling table with integrated vibrator guarantees that all the signatures are perfectly aligned before spine preparation.



Spine Preparation

Superbinder has four spine preparation stations as standard configuration. Spine roughening , milling notching and brushing process can ensure effective adhesive binding .Milling height rotation speed and notching depth and spacing can be adjusted through the control panel.



Gluing System

The machine is equipped with two spine gluing stations and one side gluing station to achieve optimal gluing quality . Movable gluing units act as an interchangeable system for hot melt or PUR processing.



Stream Cover feeding and Cover Scoring

The flat infeed design allows large production load to be produced stably and comfortably .Cover scoring wheel can be adjusted conveniently according to the book thickness and cover format.




Nipping Station

Strong, durable binds with sharp spine comers can be ensured through a synchronized nipping station and a subsequent one. Pressing time and pressure can be adjusted.



Declined Delivery

The finished book is released from the clamp and gently transported into the delivery channel.


Machine   Model


No. of Clamps


Max. Mechanical Speed

8000 cycles/h

Book block length(a)


Book block width(b)


Book block thickness(c)


Cover length


Cover width


Power required


Machine weight

6800 KG

Mechanical dimensions (LxWxH)


Power Supply

3-phase 380V