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  • 商品名称: Challenger-5000


JMD presents you the Challenger-5000 medium-speed in-line binding system. With a 15 clamp binder and speed up to 5000 cycles per hour, Challenger features manual function and operational convenience at an economical price. The 15-clamp perfect binder Challenger-5000 is an ideal choice for small to medium production runs with speed up to 5000 cycles/hour. It features easy operation and precise change-over by position indicators.


High net output

Reliable binding quality

Easy operation

Precise adjustment with position indicators


Installation Space





Control Stations with Touch Screen Displays

Interactive operating menu provides simple and quick control of the machine. Production data, machine speed and alarm message are displayed.



Inclined Infeed

Gathered signatures are transported from the gatherer and inserted into the clamp from the bottom. The leveling table with integrated vibrator guarantees that all the signatures are perfectly aligned before spine preparation.



Spine Preparation

Challenger -5000 has two spine preparation station for milling and notching as standard configuration together with reliable suction removal of dust and paper particles. Which make sure that the spines are optimally prepared for glue application.



Gluing System

It offers flexible gluing techniques for separate processing of spine and side glues. Movable gluing units act as an interchangeable system for hotmelt or PUR application.


Stream Cover Feeding and Cover Scoring

The flat infeed design allows large production load to be produced stably and comfortably. Cover scoring wheel can be adjusted conveniently according to the book thickness and cover format.



Nipping Station

A superior nipping system exerts powerful nipping pressure to create strong, durable binds with sharp spine corners.



Declined Delivery

Smooth lay-down device prevents the spine from deformation and acts as an interface for inline connection.


PUR Glue Application(Option)

PUR glue features high quality binding, lay-flat performance and is primarily suited for high-quality materials. Twin roller glue tank or Nordson nozzle system can be chosen to meet different requirement.


Machine Model


No. of Clamps


Mechanical Speed

1000-5000 cycles/h

Book Block Length(a)


Book Block Width(b)


Book Block Thickness(c)


Cover Length(d)


Cover Width(e)


Power Required


Machine Weight


Machine Dimensions(L×W×H)